Canadian Immigration: Age of Dependent Children raised to under 22 Years of Age

It has been confirmed by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that it will raise the maximum age requirement of dependent children who may immigrate to Canada to under 22 years of age.  The new age limit will be effective as of October 24, 2017 and the applicants applying for Canadian immigration will be able to include their children aged 21 or under, who are not married or in a common-law relationship, on their immigration application for Canada.

Currently, the maximum age limit of the dependent children which is being followed in under 19 years of age and the children meeting this criterion may be included in the immigration application for Canada and may apply for Canadian immigration. Since August 1, 2014 the limit of 19 years of age has been effective but prior to this, the required age limit was of the children under 22 years of age may be included in the immigration application. Consequently, this change by IRCC represents the return of the previous definition of a dependent child. The new definition of dependent children applies to the children included on applications for permanent residence through economic, family, and refugee/humanitarian programs.

The IRCC confirmed that this change on age limit will be applied on applications that will be received on and after the 24th of October. Subsequently, IRCC also explained the reason why they are not implementing this change before the 24th of October. ‘Implementing the change now will hinder the process of the applications that have already been submitted and that are in-process and will bring a pause in finalizing many permanent residence applications’, explained by IRCC representative.

The new age limit has the following benefits:

·         The family unity objective of IRCC will be promoted through this.
·         There will be increased Immigration to Canada entry express.
·         The economy of Canada can benefit through these Canadian immigration services as more                           Canadian immigration will ensure economic growth.
·         More people will be applying for Canada residency visa and Canada student visa.

The 2011 Canadian census found that among 20 to 24-year-olds, 63.3 percent of men and 55.2 percent of women lived with their parents. It was also observed that the applications of dependent children under 19 are in minority percentage and this change is expected to attract many more newcomers to Canada.