Marijuana Industry Is Growing and Helping Other Industries  


It’s about time! A mountain of information has been coming forward, from both businesses and investors alike, in the legal marijuana industry regarding the fact that the weed business is absolutely booming. And, with five major states including Arizona and California voting in favor of full legalization, technology surrounding weed has grown, too. While many wouldn’t know where to begin in this new industry, many are trying to get their foot in the door, and this new technology is helping.

Even renowned places like Silicon Valley are supporting full legalization, and this is clear in the evident rush of many big-tech groups who have come to help finance marijuana technology. Technology giants aren’t only funding these endeavors and companies, though–they are starting them. For instance, Loto Labs produces beautiful, top-of-the-line vaporizers like the Loto Labs Evoke and Flowhub, a tech business, offers seed-to-sale software.

Companies are unable to take to traditional social media like Google, Twitter, and Facebook for legal reasons, and as a result are developing their own delivery and growing platforms to bring convenience to their customers. New products are showing up left and right, and not just when it comes to herbal vaporizers (see The Leaf grow system is a growing pod that you plug up and let go. It can be checked on through a smart phone app, and the pod measures everything from soil pH to moisture levels. There’s also the Luminary Beacon, a handheld tester that monitors the quality of individual plants and provides quantitative data surrounding things like cannabinoid content. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent on these endeavors every year.

Since it is difficult for companies and individuals to advertise and operate their online business like any other marketplace due to legal issues, the industry is creating their own means; they have taken it into their own hands to manifest ways to grow their businesses legally. This industry is proof that one can always create new ways to grow a market if the demand is there. And clearly, it is there. In the modern economy, being able to bring goods and services to consumers quickly is a top priority. The decisions of customers are being driven not only by the price but by the quickness of delivery. Those in the marijuana industry recognize this and are working to change the big picture in order to bring the consumers what they want–and fast.

General agricultural business has adapted to new tech on a general level, but the specific needs of the marijuana industry are forcing this industry into the future of agriculture now. The development of new software and smartphone applications that do it all–grow, monitor plants, cost tracking, and seed use–is opening up an entirely new market of ecommerce opportunities. High-end marijuana businesses are booming, and since the advertising for them is exceptionally limited, the opportunities for the marketing and data science industry are also teeming with life and possibility.