How to Design Your Business Homepage and Make Visitors Stay

According to Olmstead, Mitchell, and Rosenstiel of Pew Research Center, the home page is the most viewed site on a website, and it commands about 79% of the traffic. Thus, how you design it highly influences the success of your business. What you’re aiming for is a homepage that will make visitors stay and look at your products.

Here are the top tips from expert web designersabout how to create your homepage.

  1. Appeal to the visitor.

What makes a poorly-designed layout is the lack creativity in using resources. Almost in any web design blog, you’ll be given the advice to keep the homepage simple. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, there’s a difference between simple and boring. Most of the time, homepages are too simple that it’s boring.

What you need to leave a lasting impression on visitors is to present an aesthetically pleasing homepage, but not cluttered. It’s true that it’s sometimes hard to find balance with both. That’s why there are expert web design Toronto providers to help you out.

  1. Match the design with your niche.

Your homepage can’t scream photography services when what you’re really offering are fashion designer clothes. When visitors come to your homepage, they must be able to identify what your market is automatically. To achieve this, you need to choose your content and images carefully. Also, don’t forget to choose a modern design, clean fonts, and solid colors.

  1. Display the right tabs.

When people go to your website, they are there for a reason. Most probably, they are there to look for information. You have to satisfy that need. Give them the information they need. Of course, you can’t stuff all the content in your homepage. Otherwise, it will look overloaded.

What you can do is to structure your website’s navigation as simple as possible. Display all the right tabs or links in the right place. If these tabs are not easy to find, then they are not in the right place. You can’t expect visitors to take their time to look for hidden links. Internet users are known for their impatience.

  1. Avoid interstitial web pages.

Recently, there are more and more websites using interstitial pages or pages that appear and cover the site before the visitor can view the homepage. These are mainly used for advertising. However, as a design expert from SEO Toronto notes, more often than not, interstitial pages only succeed in irritating visitors and encouraging them to close the tab.

Why is this so? People simply don’t like advertisements, especially when they are shoved right in their faces. And that’s what interstitial pages do. You might argue that Forbes uses them as well and their visitors are not dwindling. Before you seriously consider this argument, you must know that Forbes has built their credibility for years. People continue to visit the website because they know it will not disappoint them. However, you can’t say that people will think the same way for new websites.

Final Thoughts

Whether your visitor stays or not depends heavily on how you design your homepage. Create a good impression by following the tips given above.