How to choose a location for placing signages

Getting a signage designed is a first step. Once, done with the designing part, you have to think about the place where you are going to place it. An effective positioning of the sign can make or break its effective impact. Though some signs seems obvious where they have to placed, but for most of them, it is a harder task than what you think.

Understand, a sign is designed to convey a message, your brand identity, your word to the world. While deciding where to position the sign,  you need to ensure that your target audience can see the sign. For an advertising sign, choose carefully where you can place the signage so that it maximise its usefulness for your sales.

Purpose of signage

The first step you need to take once your signage is ready after designing is  to consider is what the sign is for. Suppose it’s a health and safety sign, then it should be placed in a position from where the signage can be seen easily.  Similarly, if it’s a safety sign for a place or for or a tool or machine, then it should be near that thing that too at eye level, so that it can easily comprehended by people. So decide on what your sign is all about and who it is targeted for. Post deciding this, you can easily create a list of locations for it to be placed. For everything else, check out this company  famous for signage Singapore.

Pick the Perfect Elevation

Next you need to choose the correct elevation for your signage. It should be placed at a position where you want your consumer would be comfortable at looking. This also depends on the purpose, signage materials, the weight of the board, dimensions and how you are going to  mount it. If the signage is the company’s name, then it should be placed at the front of a premises. For example, placing the signage on a busy street at a higher elevation would attract attention from number of eyes  that too from a greater distance. Similarly, a sign that promotes sales should be placed inside a store as the customer will be closer to the sign and would catch their attention.

Decide on the Mounting

Once you are done with designing, location selection and elevation, think about how the sign is mounted to its position. You motive of placing the signage should be such that the message isn’t lost and wasted. The mounting of the signage should be be dependent on the local laws/building codes. You can hire a professional for such insights who can help you with their experience. Here are the professionals who are also famous for decal Singapore.

Environmental Factors

After mounting, consider the material and mounting of the signage and other environmental factors such as sunlight, rain and wind. If the signage has to be placed in direct sunlight than it should be manufactured to prevent fading and shouldn’t be glossy.