Hacks to get more from your PPC Campaign

PPC is a method commonly used by businesses to generate revenue and awareness. Once you’ve been running a PPC campaign for a while, it can feel like your campaign has plateaued. Call tracking software providers, Ruler Analytics, took a look at the hacks that will generate more sales from your PPC budget.

There’s what are known as Marginal Gains. A term coined by British cycling coach Dave Brailsford, the theory is to aim for a 1% margin of improvement for anything and everything that you do. Instead of thinking about doubling or tripling your revenue based from one or a group of PPC ads – which may or may not be realistic – stick to a low figure, and shoot for 1% growth instead. That way, by reassessing your aims, you would be spending less with a greater opportunity to make more in the long-run. In addition, Brailsford noted how crucial it is to aim for a 1% improvement in areas where the competitors are lacking; therefore, not only are you gaining ground and improving your situation, but you’re standing out in a way that the competition does not which, again, allows you to potentially increase revenue much more in the long-run. It’s simple but logical, and with PPC, applying this method to identify avenues where you strive for Marginal Gains, whilst determining which areas you can surge ahead of the competitors, should breed long-term success, if managed correctly.

Single keyword ad groups

Creating single keyword ad group will allow your campaigns to be more targeted. Since you are targeting single keywords in ad groups, you can make ad copy more targeted so this will help increase quality score and your click through rate. An improved quality score will reduce your Cost Per Click and deliver more clicks for your budget.

Ad copy optimisation

Ad Copy Optimisation allows you to keep track of ongoing adverts, providing you with plenty of data for research purposes that may allow you to amend your strategy as time goes on. In regards to the copy, it’s important to be simple and to-the-point, whilst clearly stating who you are and what you do, and why people should use you. Don’t use slang terms, but you should use language that is common to the everyday person, and won’t go over their heads. Only promise what you can deliver, and use certain words or terms that will allow you to stand out. In a nutshell, try to sound as appealing yet familiar and approachable as possible to potential customers, and let the adverts run for long enough so that you give them a chance to succeed equally.

Ad extensions

They are often overlooked but they can play an important role in your PPC campaign. Ad extensions take up more on-page advertising space on Google. This means that competitors’ ads and organic listings will be pushed further down the page. You will be able to use the additional advertising space for more ad copy. This will help to improve your click through rate.

Remember your goal

Remember that the goal is to increase sales. Getting people to click on your advert is only part of the journey, and even if they convert into customers the first time, the story still doesn’t end there. You want them to invest regularly, for them to provide you with sales on a consistent and frequent basis. At the end of the day, you’re not just there to say “Hi, look who we are!” You want people to put their money where their mouth is, to call their bluff so to speak, and to part ways with their money in exchange for the first-class service that you will provide. It’s important not to lose sight of this goal, because you will only truly make money on PPC with sales. Identifying which platforms are most likely to allow you to achieve this, whilst keeping within your budget, is vital.

You may already include these factors in your current PPC strategy, but refining them further and working to improve your marginal gains will help to you squeeze more sales from your campaign.