Gift Ideas for your Corporate Clients

Your clients are crucial to the success of your business, and your relationship with them is key to that success, so it’s important to choose carefully when thinking about gifts for them.  A thoughtful gift shows your appreciation for your client and will pave the way for a long, solid and healthy relationship going forward.  So forget about pens, and business card holders – they can be ten a penny, and would scream “no thought” to me!  Be a little more adventurous, a little more personal – after all, we all have a life outside of the office – let your gift reflect that.  Here are a few ideas:

  • A good book. If you’ve read a great book you think is relevant to your client, or is simply a superb read they would enjoy, buy them a copy (preferably in hard back if available). You could hand write a note and pop in inside the cover, giving it a personal touch.
  • A filled hamper. Back in the day, hampers were often filled with products you would never use in a thousand years!  But now with many companies making them bespoke, with items you’ve chosen yourself the options are limitless!  If you know your client to have a sweet tooth, then you could send a chocolate or candy hamper.  This could be shared among the employees at their office (or not!).
  • Gift Cards. These can be seen as impersonal, but times have changed!  Gone are the days when you have to spend a gift card in one specific shop.  You could buy one for a restaurant so that your client can have a fantastic meal at your expense, or their favourite coffee shop.  The downside of gift cards is that the recipient will know how much (or little) you’ve spent.
  • Personalised glasses. A couple of wine glasses engraved with a personal message will have your client thinking of you every time they use them. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have your company name appear too, a visual reminder of what a great business relationship you share!
  • A charitable donation. With ethical giving being a hot topic, you could arrange a donation in your client’s name to a charity or organisation that they support.
  • Grooming sets. You can’t go wrong with lotions and potions!  There are some fantastic kits out there, of varying prices to suit either gender.  Personal grooming is big business, so nobody will be offended if you gift them some high quality, beautifully packaged smellies!
  • An experience. Experience days are all the rage.  Maybe it’s something you could do together.  Many companies offer corporate package days whether it’s golf or motor racing you’re interested in, or raft building to encourage team building!  Thinking outside of the box a little, how about a hot air balloon ride or even a skydive?  Choose wisely on this one – you want to enhance your business relationship, not break it!

Whatever you decide on, there are many potential gifts of varying prices to suit your client and your pocket.  It’s ultimately your choice, but the more unusual the gift, the more memorable it will be to your client, ensuring their continued relationship with you.