Battling the Office Bugs – Time to Send in the Cleaners!

Times may be tough, and you might be thinking of making some cutbacks.  Maybe first on the list is to have your cleaning company come in less often, or to terminate their service completely.  After all, you and your co-workers can manage a bit of cleaning between you.  Can’t you?

Have a good think about it.  Remember, as you’re reaching for the phone that as you pick it up hundreds and thousands of germs are transferring to your hands, and from your hands to those of your next visitor, your coffee cup, your desk area and keyboard – anything that you come into contact with.  It may well be a nasty thought, but it’s a nasty reality and it’s how germs are spread.

It’s a shocking fact that our office toilets are often more clean than our desks and equipment, with phones being the main offender!  They can harbour up to 25,000 microbes per square inch, with keyboards next on the list with over 3,000 microbes per square inch, and your mouse with over 1,500.  In contrast the average toilet seat is home to only 49 microbes per square inch, so ironically it’s probably more hygienic to eat your lunch in the bathroom than at your desk!

These statistics conclude that our work areas are among the dirtiest areas we come into contact with as well as other communal areas where germs can be rife.  Books and files, filing cabinets, the printer and photocopier, the water cooler and the kitchen area are all hotspots and breeding grounds for germs which can make your staff ill, thus reducing productivity.

Beware during cold and flu season – viruses can survive for up to 3 days on office surfaces, and bacteria levels will soar throughout the working day.  Sick staff determined to impress you by coming in to work even though they’re ill are germ incubators, just waiting to infect the rest of the office, so it’s probably best for everyone if they stay at home!

By introducing good cleaning habits the risk of transmitting germs and infection are greatly reduced.  You could issue anti-bacterial wipes to your staff to ensure that their workstations and equipment remain virus free zones if used regularly and correctly.  Hand sanitisers could be installed at key locations around your business, and all staff encouraged to use them.

But nothing can be as good as having a professional cleaning service keep on top of things for you.  With regular cleaning, germ infestation can be massively reduced (by up to 99%) which makes your cleaning provider the first line of defence in keeping the working environment hygienic, your staff healthy and your business running smoothly.  So think again if you’re about to dispense with your valuable contractor!