Things Managers should know about Web Hosting

In a digital era where everything is conducted online, it’s paramount that every business should have a website that will help market its products. A website is associated with many benefits such as helping customers find you, increasing brand awareness and showcasing what you can do for your customers. Moreover, a website has proven to be an avenue where you can get the attention of important people in business such as investors and marketing partners such as the press. For first timers, there is much to decide about when it comes to the website such as the content to be offered, functionality, and design as well as the search engine optimization technique to be used. However, there is one feature that people forget about their website; web hosting. Read through this article to discover the tips that will help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing web hosting service for your business.

Ensure you have an idea of the hosting types available
To be in a position to choose the right web hosting service for your business, you must first understand the difference between the various web hosting services that exist. Know the difference between managed dedicated, unmanaged dedicated, collocated and shared web hosting services. Each of this service has its advantages and its shortcomings.

Shared hosting
Shared hosting is known to offer cheap web hosting services as a server is shared between you and other clients. This type of hosting requires you to manage and maintain your account. The main disadvantage of this hosting is that it attracts heavy traffic as there may be other heavy users compared to you. With this heavy traffic, your site is likely to be slow and cannot be highly ranked by Google algorithms that use the speed of a site to enhance its search. Moreover, it’s not possible to install software programs on this server as it might interfere with other sites.

Collocated Hosting
This type of hosting is meant to solve all the issues associated with the shared hosting. With this hosting, you acquire a server from a vendor and hand it to your host who will, in turn, plug the server into his network and ensure that the server is always online. While it’s your responsibility to support and maintain your server, there is the provision of signing a contract with the host who commits to doing everything for you at a cost.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting
This type of hosting is suitable for hobbyist servers and not for businesses. For just $99 a month, you can lease a server and acquire the services of the collocated hosting. This kind of hosting, however, varies from one provider to another. Before signing the contract to hire the equipment, tell the vendor to explain to you some of their terms and conditions. It’s a good service for someone not willing to invest in an actual server.

Know something about Blackholed IPs
If you are running a business that is based on legitimacy and integrity, you will not want hosting providers that allow spamming and pornographic sites. Spamming can have a negative impact on your business as there are networks that may blacklist your network.

Look into online reviews
A third party review is the best way to understand whether a business offers quality services. It’s also the easiest way to understand complaints associated with the company and its consistent issues. Don’t forget to notice whether the company responds to unhappy customers.

These are just a few of the things you should familiarize with before confronting a web hosting provider. There are other issues that you should be aware of such as backups, security, and speed. If you can’t decide on your own, have a friend or an expert take you through the process as the decision will impact your business performance majorly.