5 Ways Accurate Weather Alerts Can Save Lives

Major weather events can lead to major tragedies- especially if they catch a city or community by surprise. This is exactly why great weather alert systems like Earth Networks can save lives in times of a natural disaster. Here are just five reasons that an alert can save lives:

  1. Advanced Warning: Major disasters require either evacuation or major preparation, depending on the event. For instance, a forest fire that is threatening homes and affecting regional air quality will require evacuation. Meanwhile, tornadoes or a hurricane may require individuals to gather supplies and seek an appropriate storm shelter. Early warning systems help get everyone moving before tragedy strikes.
  2. Avoid Panic: It is no secret that people panic during a natural disaster. However, being warned ahead of time can ensure that people are calmer during the necessary preparations and help avoid chaos.
  3. Alert Quickly: While meteorology has come a long way, certain major events can still be unpredictable. A weather warning siren can allow residents to take cover immediately during an emergency.
  4. Pave the Way for First Responders: If a disaster is eminent, early warning systems can help mobilize and prepare first responders. While mobilizing during a crisis is a challenge, having a team that is ready to deploy as soon as it is safe can save lives.
  5. Save the Animals: Having a pet can mean extra preparations for a disaster. Animals may need to be secured in a safe location, relocated, or even evacuated. While most people would never think of leaving town without a beloved pet, a last-minute emergency can leave a family scrambling and frantic. Early warning systems allow pet owners, shelters, and other animal welfare organizations to prepare for the incoming disaster.

While major weather events are inherently dangerous and unpleasant, helping your community prepare is the key to avoid loss of life- be it human or animal.